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Take back your power

Protect your loved ones and take charge of your health during this stressful time.

From hospital best practices to hippie remedies, choose from a wide range of time-tested strategies to make sure you're doing everything you can to stay well and reduce your risk factors.

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How to Prevent 

Simple ways to keep COVID-19 from coming into your house

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What to Eat

Easy foods that help instead of hurt + the nutrients you need

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Why Home Matters

Environmental factors that you can control to protect your family


You're not alone.

In this rapidly changing situation, it's crucial to inform yourself.

But how many of those articles are focused on doable steps, and how do you know if your strategies are enough for you and your family? 

Don't take any chances.

Nurse Andi has trained thousands of physicians and health care practitioners, and she's now distilling down her decades of clinical experience to support you and your loved ones, including even the most sensitive of patients, to navigate this stressful time.  

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I have come to know many educators and health specialists in my years, and I can share that Andreanna’s gifts in teaching, clearly explaining concepts and reasoning, her insights, dedication and great disposition are top notch.

Claire Riendeau - ND, NMD, PhD, MIM

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Covid-19 +Your Immunity

Find out when to treat at home, and when to get help - the real story and the medical truth about COVID-19, your immune system, and what you have control over. 

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Home Remedies + Environmental Factors

From hippie recipes to hospital best practices, here are the doable steps for you and your family for a complete plan of action using these proven methods.

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Immune Boosting Menu + Supplements

Protect your family and enhance your immunity with the foods you eat. Avoid the pitfalls of "superfoods" that deplete your immune system, and focus on the supplements that will help the most.

Got an immune system?

This will help.

Nurse Andi has gathered a broad range of tools for you, from DIY home remedies to cutting edge physics-based solutions, so that you have a wide range of options no matter what's available on the shelves.

Debunk the dangerous myths circulating about COVID-19.

⇢ Uncover the often-overlooked home environment immune factors, how to remove hazards and turn your home into an immune-boosting sanctuary.

⇢ Discover how to de-stress, and reenergize your natural defenses.

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Andreanna is a true healer. Not only does she possess an extraordinary insight into the human condition, but she carries with her a deep compassion for the process of others. I would not hesitate to hire her as a healer in my clinic, a teacher to others who wish to learn or as an advisor to a clinician starting out in the field of Integrative Medicine. She is a real gift to this field.

Dr. Bruce Hoffman

Do I Get Inside 
This Digital Course:

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Prevent, Reduce, and Recover

Uncover the truth about Covid-19, how to prevent it, reduce its symptoms and speed up recovery. And guess what? No matter how our current situation develops, these tools will help you now and every flu season moving forward.

Did you know that stress reduces your immune system's effectiveness? This kit contains a wide range of distressing strategies that actually work, and will help reset your immunity.


Nutrients and Immunity Boosting Menu

Delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner meals your whole family will enjoy! Immunity is either weakened or strengthened by what we eat.

Included: a priority list of nutrients to get from your diet or supplements to protect your family.


Hidden Immune Environment Factors

What the media isn't sharing: the 3 hidden things in your home right now that are reducing your ability to defend against COVID-19, and simple steps to fix them.

Are your stores sold out of cleaning products? That's ok, they're laden with hazardous chemicals. Learn how to avoid these toxins, how to make your own alternatives, or order the non-toxic versions that are just as effective. 

Bonus 1.

BONUS: Q and A Recording

Submit your questions for these live Q and A sessions, recorded for your convenience.

Bonus 2.


Essential Oil demos, Tapping, Light modalities, Vagal Nerve exercises, and more. Quick demo videos to help you be successful.

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I am honored to say that I have learned from and worked with Nurse Andi for years, and feel blessed that she has been one of my mentors and practitioners.
She is an incredible educator, and I have learned so much from her over the years. She is a go-to person for me, as she is incredibly resourceful, and I see the time and dedication she puts into staying on the leading edge in all topics of health and healing.

Daman Singh - DC

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A note from Nurse Andi

I know this is a tough time, and I created this kit to give you the tools to take care of yourself, your patients, and your loved ones, no matter what's available on the shelves. With this kit, my intention is to replace you having multiple sessions with me - in a clear concise manner, as though we were in person, and you can refer to it forever. Here's my commitment to you:

1) If you're not 100% satisfied, you're welcome to receive a full refund.

2) I'm here for you, and will continue to keep you informed as things develop. You're not alone - I've got you.

Get the toolkit today, be covered for tomorrow.


No matter how our current situation develops, these tools will help you now and every flu season moving forward. Empower yourself and take charge of your health.

  • Simple ways to keep COVID-19 from coming into your house.

  • Easy foods that help instead of hurt + the nutrients you need.

  • Environmental factors that you can control to protect your family.

  • BONUS: Live Q and A 's with Recordings.

  • Quick demo videos to help you be successful.

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I do not hesitate to recommend Andreanna, whether you are a patient seeking informed choices of health care options, a health care practitioner wanting to hone your abilities, or an organization wishing to develop training classes. She is a trusted associate who brings a comprehensive knowledge of this medicine to many situations, and she is a talented healer in her own right.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt - Integrative Medicine Pioneer